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Chana Trek Adventures Concept



Chana Trek Adventures aims to reveal the beauty and majesty of nature through unique, safe, and ecologically sustainable treks and adventures. We believe that walking journeys can change one's view of the world, improve health, and foster a deep understanding of cultures and ecosystems.


What are we doing:


Group and Individual Treks

We offer a wide range of routes, from easy ones suitable for beginners to those requiring good physical preparation. Each trek is designed to allow participants to enjoy nature's beauty, learn about local flora and fauna, and experience harmony with the surrounding world.



Conservation of nature and cultural heritage is our priority. We collaborate with local communities and environmental organizations to ensure our treks contribute to sustainable tourism development.


Educational Programs

We provide training in the skills necessary for safe and responsible travel in the wilderness, including orientation, survival, first aid, and ecological practices.


Thematic Excursions

We develop routes that allow for a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and traditions of the regions visited, including gastronomic tours, historical trails, and cultural exchanges.

Who do we focus on and for whom do we work?

Adventure Enthusiasts
From young people to older tourists seeking new experiences and not afraid of physical challenges.
Individuals aiming for travel with minimal environmental impact and wishing to learn more about conservation.
Educational Groups
Schools and universities interested in educational excursions that broaden students' knowledge about the world.

Personalized Trek Planning

Individualized Adventure Design

At Chana Trek Adventures, every journey is tailor-made. We delve deep into your preferences, considering your fitness level, interests, and desired experiences. Are you yearning for tranquil walks amidst verdant forests, seeking the thrill of navigating harsh terrains, or eager to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of remote cultures? Our expert team meticulously crafts your adventure, ensuring it mirrors your quest for discovery. This bespoke approach transforms your adventure into a deeply personal exploration, resonating with your unique spirit of adventure.


Comprehensive Trek Support

All-Inclusive Expedition Care

Launch into your adventures knowing Chana Trek Adventures has meticulously planned every detail. Our Full Service encompasses everything: from gear tailored to your destination's specifics to seamless transportation logistics. Envision setting off with just your anticipation - we handle the rest, equipping you with everything from ultralight shelters to essential navigation tools, ensuring a flawless transition from the hustle of city life to the tranquility of nature. Our professional guides, seasoned in the lore of the land, accompany you, enriching your trek with insights into the local ecology, culture, and history. This comprehensive support guarantees an enriched, worry-free adventure.


Tailored Preparation Programs

Skill-Building for Explorers

The essence of adventure travel lies beyond just the spirit; it's in the preparation. Chana Trek Adventures curates specialized training and prep courses, arming you with the essential skills for a fulfilling trek. These programs span essential survival skills, eco-conscious trekking, to advanced navigation techniques, tailored to suit both novices and veteran adventurers alike. Imagine conquering the wilderness with confidence, from efficiently setting up camp to minimizing your environmental impact, and skillfully navigating unforeseen challenges. Our preparation programs are your gateway to becoming a self-assured explorer, ready for whatever adventures lie ahead.



Chana Trek Adventures offers more than just travel, but an immersive adventure experience that respects nature and culture, education and skill development, and the creation of a like-minded community that supports sustainable tourism.

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